Event Coordination

Remember, when you are the bride, you should only be carrying a bouquet, not a clipboard! You will need to have someone to pull all the elements of your day together and save your sanity! After months of planning and years of dreaming, you envision a flawless event without complications and need to rely on a wedding day coordinator to see that everything falls into place. You have no interest in being the director, producer and crew in the production entitled “My Wedding”. You prefer to be the actor.

This is where we step in. Our experience and expertise will be applied to your wedding. I am not practicing on your special day! I FOCUS. Coordinating perfect events is what we do professionally, so we will be available to assist you at any time during the week. Our entire focus is on you and your wedding. As an experienced Day Of Wedding Coordinator, we can and have expertly played all of these roles and will ensure that your wedding day is pleasant, delightful and stress-free.

We offer Day of Wedding co-ordination as a package as well as a standalone service. This service will include the creation of your Day of Wedding Booklet which includes the information and the timeline to be distributed to each vendor, full “Day Of” Wedding management at the ceremony and reception and if needed, meeting with vendors prior to the day.

Planning your next event?